Current Investment Opportunities


Solar Impact Fund

Our Solar Impact Fund bring together high-performing commercial solar projects – owned and managed by Sunwealth® – into project pools. Each pool, or tranche, includes a socially diverse set of projects that deliver clean energy to credit-worthy power purchasers and offer excellent returns to our investors.

Since offerings are made tranche by tranche, our community of investors benefit from simple, transparent investments. Investors always know exactly which projects they are financing and the quantifiable impacts of those projects, without sacrificing financial performance.

Each Tranche Contains Two Compelling Ways to Invest



Competitive fixed-income returns for accredited investors.

Quarterly distributions of interest

Term: 5 years

Tax Equity

Eligible investors participate in the ownership of a pool of solar projects.

Financial returns include tax benefits – tax credits and deductions – as well as cash.

Term: 5.25 years.



“Be not simply good, be good for something.”



Our Portfolio of High-Performance Solar Projects


Solar Access Program

The Solar Access Program provides community members like Olive Knight, Dorchester resident and climate activist, with clean power and energy savings.


Cambridge Park | Somerville, MA

The solar installation at Cambridge Park is currently the largest of Sunwealth’s residential solar developments.



Sunnyside | Northampton, MA

Since 1975, Sunnyside daycare center has provided early education and care to a diverse group of children ranging from 18 months to five years of age.


Congregation Eitz Chayim | Cambridge, MA

Congregation Eitz Chayim (Tree of Life) is an urban congregation in Cambridge that serves community members by providing fully inclusive services and faith-based education programs. 



Cunningham Park | Milton, MA

This solar development serves Cunningham Park facilities, including a bowling alley and community recreation center enjoyed by the residents of Milton, MA.

  • System: 25 kW

  • Developer and Builder: SolWorks Energy

  • Power Recipient: Cunningham Park Trust

  • Carbon Offset: 21 metric tons per year

  • Energy Savings: $1,115 per year


St. Paul Lutheran Church | Arlington, MA

Saint Paul Lutheran Church serves Arlington community members by opening the church’s doors for morning worship, education hour, and fellowship.



Epiphany School | Boston, MA

Epiphany is an independent school for children of economically-disadvantaged families in Boston with financial aid for all students.

Dorchester Bay - Commonweath Kitchen.jpg

Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation | Dorchester, MA

Solar panels on the roof of the Bornstein and Pearl Food Production Center help offset electricity costs for the common area of the building, which is host to Commonwealth Kitchen and more than 50 community-based businesses – many owned and operated by women and minority entrepreneurs.



Windsor at Maxwell’s Green | Somerville, MA

Maxwell’s Green is a community solar project that uses the energy produced from the installation to power residential homes in the City of Somerville.


Mustard Seed | Worcester, MA

For nearly 50 years, Mustard Seed Catholic Worker House has been bringing together a community of volunteers to support Worcester residents in need by operating a soup kitchen and a food pantry.


Urban League edit.jpg

Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts

The Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts has enabled adults to overcome racial, social, and economic inequalities by advancing economic development opportunities and providing resources for victims of sexual and domestic violence.

edit (2).jpg

Greentown Labs | Somerville, MA

More than 55 cleantech companies comprise the Greentown Labs community, making it the largest clean technology incubator in the United States. These startups are building and commercializing breakthrough solutions for renewable power generation, sustainable transportation, energy efficiency, and more.



Mimecast Headquarters | Lexington, MA

This newly-renovated state-of-the-art office building owned by Boston Properties serves as the new home for technology firm Mimecast.  

Moore Lumber & Hardware | Ayer, MA

This mainstay of the Ayer community has provided the materials to build and preserve the Nashoba Valley region for more than 3 generations. 



World Learning Center | Brattleboro, VT

World Learning is a global NGO empowering people and strengthening institutions through education, sustainable development, and exchange programs.


Holyoke Housing Authority | Holyoke, MA

Holyoke Housing Authority fulfills its mission to provide safe, affordable housing to low- and moderate-income people of Holyoke by delivering a variety of essential services.  

  • System: 416 kW

  • Developer: Eco Energy Partners

  • Builder: Solworks

  • Power Recipient: Holyoke Housing Authority

  • Carbon Offset: 364 metric tons per year

  • Energy Savings: $15,517 per year



Greenpoint Solar | Brooklyn, NY

Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center is a leading non-profit industrial developer transforming manufacturing buildings into affordable, flexible production space for small-to-medium enterprises, artisans, and artists.


Hampshire College | Amherst, MA

Founded in 1970, this cutting-edge liberal arts college in Western Massachusetts takes a unique approach to higher education through personalized, independent work and hands-on experience.



Walden Woods | Concord, MA

Founded in 1990, The Walden Woods Project is devoted to preserving the land, literature, and legacy of writer Henry David Thoreau through environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and conservation.


Clark's Shoes U.S. Headquarters | Waltham, MA

The classic shoe brand's new eco-friendly US headquarters is located along the Route 128 tech corridor outside of Boston. The energy-efficient, LEED Silver-certified building boasts solar panels and recycled building materials.



Interfaith Solar | Boston, MA

The Interfaith Solar Project benefits a consortium of three well-known houses of worship in the city. Over the life of the project, the churches will be able to put more than $180,000 back into the local community based on energy savings. 

Oakfield Fire Department

Oakfield Fire Department | Oakfield, NY

The Oakfield Fire Department is an important component of this peaceful village community, located east of Niagara Falls near the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge.

  • System: 34 kW

  • Developer and Builder: CIR Electrical

  • Power Recipient: Oakfield Fire Department

  • Carbon Offset: 28 metric tons per year

  • Energy Savings: $849 per year



Sika Corporation | Canton, MA

A leader in thermoplastic roofing, Sika partnered with Centroplan and Sunwealth to develop the Sika SolaRoof system for its Canton headquarters. This integrated solar solution is ideal for thermoplastic roofs.

  • System: 176 kW

  • Developer and Builder: Centroplan

  • Power Recipient: Sika Corporation

  • Carbon Offset: 152 metric tons per year

  • Energy Savings: $8,676 per year

The Montessori School of Northampton | Northampton, MA

The Montessori School of Northampton, a progressive school in the heart of the Pioneer Valley, is dedicated to helping children ages 2–14 “help themselves” by learning at their own pace.



Alexander Fire Department | Alexander, NY

One of the oldest volunteer fire brigades in New York State, founded in 1833, this essential department keeps current by using modern clean energy to help power its facility.  

Water Treatment Facility | Oakfield, NY

This ground-mounted system at the Oakfield Water Treatment Facility will provide clean power to the historic Village of Oakfield, NY. 


At Sunwealth®, we are leading the effort to build clean-energy communities through exciting investment opportunities. Contact us for more information.