Sunwealth® is a clean energy investment firm on a mission.
We envision a future where all of us share in the benefits of renewable energy. We invest in that future by financing high-performance solar projects across our diverse built environment, generating returns for investors and communities.

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Purposeful Investment, Powerful Returns

With Sunwealth®, our investors put their money to work directly in diverse solar projects that benefit people and the planet. Our innovative portfolio strategy provides businesses, municipalities and community organizations with access to affordable solar power while creating powerful social, environmental and financial returns.

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We are building a community of partners – community members, solar developers and socially conscious investors – committed to combating climate change, strengthening local resilience and creating long-term value. Together, we are transforming the way people invest, increasing energy access and leading the effort to reduce our reliance
on fossil fuels.

Modern Investing with social Impact


Investing in commercial solar delivers tangible results to our investors and our communities. When you invest with Sunwealth®, you are not just building your investment portfolio – you are helping strengthen the resiliency of diverse communities and working to combat climate change. We believe in the value of these opportunities, so we invest alongside you – putting your return before ours. Our portfolio of high-performing, high-impact clean energy projects demonstrates the power of modern impact investing. 



High-Performance Solar Projects That Deliver Results

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