Investing in Climate Change


By: Ryan Dings


Climate change is here, happening all around us, in little ways and big ways. We can’t stop it, although I and many others believe that we can slow it down and shift our economy, our built environment and our people to be more resilient and responsive to the impacts of climate change.

Climate change is not an apocalyptic scenario. It is an opportunity – an enormous one – to accept the fact that our planet is changing as a result of human-made activity. If our planet is changing, we should change, too.

How do we change? First, we must invest in climate change. Second, we must invest in climate change. Allow me to explain.

Investing in Climate Change Makes Sense.

The industrial revolution unleashed great economic progress. It created wealth. But let’s be honest, it wasn’t friendly to the planet.  We don’t have to undo centuries of economic progress to address climate change. Much of that progress has given us the tools to be more environmentally responsible. We simply have to invest our hearts and our minds to put the planet first. 

By changing the way we think, we can insert the planet into our calculus when making all sorts of decisions. We can align our collective will with proven technology and accumulated knowledge to transform our built environment – and even expand it – in ways that mitigate further climate change and adapt to the changes already underway.

Investing in Climate Change Makes Cents.

In changing the way we think, we then have to ask, what is the economic opportunity presented by climate change? It is an enormous one – the opportunity for capital to address simultaneously the evolution of our existing infrastructure and the responsible development of new infrastructure.

At Sunwealth, our focus is on energy, which means investing in the transition from centralized, fossil-fuel burning power plants to de-centralized, de-carbonized solar systems generating power directly at the point where the power is consumed. As this transition unfolds, Sunwealth’s goal is to create an investment model by which a diverse group of investors, from individuals to institutions, can own the solar installations powering an even more diverse group of communities. We call it the Solar Impact Fund – and we can say from experience: it makes plenty of dollars and cents (and sense!). 

Interested in learning more? Contact us and learn how the Solar Impact Fund can power your portfolio.

Ryan Dings