Celebrating Independence with Commercial Solar

By Cody Eaton



July brings summer into full swing, with beach days, cookouts and ball games abound. We reserve the 4th to celebrate our independence as a nation, but it is far from the only form of independence we can rally around. Solar’s growing success brings with it liberation from fossil fuels, price volatility, and utility monopolies, setting our nation on a more sustainable path towards the decentralized energy grid of the future.


Freedom from Fossil Fuels

The goal of energy independence is not a new one, as the topic is routinely debated during political campaigns and foreign policy discussions. While it may have security advantages, the environmental costs of increasing domestic fossil fuel production are painfully clear, as marginalized communities routinely pay the price with polluted air and water. As much as we may divert attention towards Russia or Saudi Arabia, the U.S. was the largest producer of natural gas and petroleum hydrocarbons for the past five years. This need not be the case for much longer: independence from fossil fuels is now attainable. All the renewable energy we need is available on home soil, avoiding international dependence and most importantly, reducing our nation’s carbon emissions.

Freedom from Volatile Utility Costs

Perhaps even more important to commercial energy consumers, solar offers independence from price volatility on their electric bills. Decentralized solar installations provide clean energy at a consistent, affordable rate, which offers a breath of fresh air to those whose bills fluctuate constantly due to volatile oil prices. Regardless of the reasons behind these fluctuating bills, may it be OPEC, the weather, or some other factor -- customers don’t need to worry with solar, we’ve got them covered.

Freedom from Dependence on Public Utilities

Public utilities have maintained a stronghold on consumers’ energy options for too long. At Sunwealth we give municipalities, businesses, and nonprofits greater control over their energy expenses. We provide organizations of all types across a number of states the opportunity to host a solar installation on their rooftop – without incurring any upfront cost – and start realizing energy savings from using clean, abundant solar power. In the past it has been costly to go green, but Sunwealth’s business model offers a simple way for organizations to incorporate solar into their buildings – and for accredited investors to invest in these projects.

The future of energy is clean and decentralized, and that is reason to celebrate. Calls for energy independence stretch back in history but now the wait is over, we have the means to put renewable power in the hands of the people.


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Jon Abe