Sunwealth Welcomes Marcel Rodgers as Project Development Manager

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Sunwealth is proud to welcome Marcel Rodgers as Project Development Manager. In this new position, he will take on a key role in developing our growing pipeline of small-scale solar projects and will work closely with other members of our development team to oversee project development and management.

Prior to joining Sunwealth, Rodgers served as a Senior Project Manager at Resonant Energy, a community-based solar provider whose mission is to help underrepresented communities take their place at the forefront of the global transition to clean energy. Since obtaining a B.A. at Middlebury College, Rodgers has also had the opportunity to manage a variety of projects, ranging from analyzing housing construction costs across sub-Saharan Africa to developing English curricula for schools in India.

“Among his many talents and experiences, Marcel brings a strong commitment to solar justice, doggedness, solid project management, experience with the Massachusetts solar market, and a keen desire to learn more about all aspects of how Sunwealth works, especially project finance,” said Jon Abe, Chief Executive Officer at Sunwealth. “We are delighted to have him take charge of our development pipeline.”

“Establishing cohesive societies and mitigating our environmental impact are perhaps the largest challenges of our time,” says Rodgers. “While the challenges are global, Sunwealth demonstrates how clean energy investments can provide strong returns for investors, communities and local economies. I’m proud to join the Sunwealth team and contribute to the transition towards an inclusive, clean energy economy that empowers communities at the local level.”

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Jon Abe