Sunwealth Welcomes Julianna Knapczyk as Asset Management Associate


Sunwealth is proud to welcome Julianna Knapczyk as Asset Management Associate. In this new role, she will work closely with other members of the asset management team to oversee Sunwealth’s Solar Impact Fund and a growing portfolio of investor accounts.

Prior to joining Sunwealth, Knapczyk served as a Business Analyst and Client Service Representative at State Street Corporation, a financial services and bank holding company headquartered in Boston. In 2016, she graduated from University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and International Relations.

“As we grow the Solar Impact Fund and expand our portfolio of projects and investors, we were looking to bring on additional business, finance and asset management resources,” said Jon Abe, Chief Executive Officer at Sunwealth. “Julianna is a systems thinker and quick learner with strong experience in client and portfolio management who shares our excitement about the opportunity to invest in the future of energy, while generating financial, social and environmental returns for investors and communities. We are delighted to have her on board to support and strengthen our daily work.”

“Solar power is the most accessible renewable energy, yet a large chunk of our community has historically been left out,” says Knapczyk. “Sunwealth unlocks solar access for everyone, helping build the local community with savings and green energy jobs. The incredible people at Sunwealth have demonstrated that investors can make real returns while making a real impact, and I am excited to be joining this inspiring movement.”

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Jon Abe