Net-Zero New York.

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As the chaos rages on in Washington, D.C., our laboratories of democracy – the state and local governments – are making things happen.

Case in point: Last week, the State of New York passed one of the world’s most aggressive climate plans, requiring the state to eliminate its greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and acquire seventy percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. Bravo NY, which is not always easy to say from my desk in Greater Boston.

What does this legislation mean?  An enormous challenge lies ahead for New York.  Just think, one-quarter of New York’s emissions come from homes and commercial buildings.  

What else does this mean?  An enormous opportunity for investment to be made enhancing the performance of New York’s buildings and making them net-zero participants in the clean energy economy.  Think rooftop solar, energy efficiency retrofits, solar canopies across parking lots and storage, for starters.  

This is a planet-saving, job-creating, resiliency-building exercise. Above all, turning our existing buildings and infrastructure into the bedrock of the net-zero economy is an exercise in investment.



Direct investment in clean energy assets, i.e., the rooftop solar project on the commercial building, will be the most tangible way to support the transition to a net-zero economy – and profit from it.

As bond yields remain low and public equities reach historic highs, demand for these direct investment opportunities – often referred to as alternative assets – is rapidly increasing.

Sunwealth’s direct investment platform provides accredited investors of all sizes the opportunity to own the future they want: a simple and transparent way to invest in inclusive portfolios of rooftop solar projects essential to creating a net-zero economy. 

FYI – I love talking direct investment over iced coffee.



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One of the best joys of building a business is working with talented, passionate people and watching them grow.

That captures our time with our two Northeastern University co-ops (huge fans of the co-op program), Anna Sorokina and Savannah Kinzer, who have been with us since January and depart for great adventures this month.  Read about their co-op experience here.

Thankfully, we get to welcome two talented full-time folks to our team this month: Alisa Hajdinaj as Asset Management Associate and Robert Raus as Finance Associate. Glad to have you both on board!  

Interested in a career in accelerating the clean energy economy in the fight against climate change? Then say hello to us.


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