Millions of Idle Power Plants

When you look out the window of Sunwealth’s third floor office in Somerville, you see the empty rooftops of commercial and residential buildings tucked behind Davis Square. However, there is more to those rooftops than meets the eye.

Empty rooftops are idle power plants—resources that could be utilized to generate solar energy for our communities and meaningful financial return for investors.

Ryan Dings, Chief Operating Officer at Sunwealth, explores the power of our rooftops on a larger scale in a new article posted in GreenMoney Journal titled, “Millions of Idle Power Plants.”

“Combating climate change requires our economy to make a comprehensive transition to clean energy. If we are to make a full and complete transition, then rooftop solar must be part of the solution,” says Dings. “Before any building begins to pull power from the grid, we should maximize the potential for that building to generate its own power…each rooftop represents a meaningful impact investment opportunity.”

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Jon Abe