Teach by Example

The Montessori School of Northampton (“MSN”), having recently celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2016, looked toward the future of its community by outfitting the main buildings of both its south and north campus with solar projects financed by Sunwealth’s Solar Impact Fund.

“We teach our children at the Montessori School of Northampton to be responsible citizens of the world.  We feel ‘going solar’ is a concrete and significant step in aligning our institutional practices with our school's mission,” said Mark Dansereau, Head of School for MSN.

Sunwealth partnered with PV Squared to deliver these solar projects to MSN through a Power Purchase and Site License Agreement.  Each partner plays a vital role:  PV Squared built and maintains the solar project, The Montessori School of Northampton hosts the Solar Project and benefits from 25 years of guaranteed energy savings, and Sunwealth financed and manages the solar project as part of our 2017 Solar Impact Fund.

Montessori School of Northampton Solar Project – Impact at a Glance

Clean Power Installed (kWDC)
Year 1: 36.96
25 Year Lifetime: 36.96

Clean Power Production (kWh) [1]
Year 1: 35,744
25 Year Lifetime: 841,988

Carbon Reduction (Metric Tons) [2]
Year 1: 25
25 Year Lifetime: 592

Gallons of Gasoline Equivalent
Year 1: 2,850
25 Year Lifetime: 66,500

Carbon Sequestration by Acres of Forest for One Year
Year 1: 23.8
25 Year Lifetime: 560

Power Customer Energy Savings ($) [3]
Year 1: $715
25 Year Lifetime: $25,260

Partnering with PV Squared embodies Sunwealth’s efforts to democratize solar benefits through high performing solar projects.  PV Squared was founded in 2002 and is both a worker-owned cooperative and Certified B Corp that has designed, installed, and maintains hundreds of solar projects across the Pioneer Valley.  PV Squared is one of only nine companies in the United States to have achieved the companywide solar industry certification standard, NABCEP Accredited, for adhering to industry best practices. 

Working with MSN provided an additional benefit for Sunwealth and its community of investors.  The panels adorning the buildings on MSN’s campus serve as a visual testament to the power of clean technology and a teaching tool for environmental stewardship.  The children will grow up thinking solar is a standard part of responsible citizenry.  We can only imagine what those children will teach us about the power of clean technology when they grow up.  Now that’s a lot of impact for a 37 kW solar project!

[1] Lifetime production factors in .5% annual degradation
[2] Source: https://www.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gas-equivalencies-calculator. 
[3] Estimated at $.02/kWh in Year One and $.035/kWh on average for lifetime.

Jon Abe