Let There Be Light

With that simple notion in mind, Sunwealth partnered with solar developer Resonant Energy to provide 70 kW of clean energy to three houses of worship in Boston, Massachusetts, each of which are pillars of strength in their communities: Second Church in DorchesterBethel A.M.E., and Church of Saint Augustine and Saint Martin.

Together, these churches formed the Interfaith Solar Project, which will have a notable impact on the local community.  In our fight against climate change, this project will reduce carbon emissions by 60 metric tons each year.  Over the life of the project, the churches will realize more than $180,000 in energy savings, money which can be invested directly in the local community.  And the entire effort supports meaningful jobs through the employment of our local development partners, electrical contractors, and engineering firms.

But building the project is only half the story. Without capital, these projects cannot occur. Enter Sunwealth’s proprietary investment platform. Through the sale of our bond and tax equity products, we raised the necessary capital to fund these impactful projects from our community of committed investors. Our lead bond investor, Boston Impact Initiative, invests in enterprises that address the growing wealth gap and ecological challenges of our time, and Interfaith Solar served as a perfect match for Boston Impact Initiative’s admirable investment thesis.

By uniting forward-thinking houses of worship, local solar businesses, and Sunwealth’s investor community, the Interfaith Solar Project will deliver meaningful returns and tangible impact. That impact comes in many forms, perhaps none more important than these solar systems serving as shining examples of the power of clean technology for future leaders in these communities. Indeed, let there be light.

Jon AbeSunwealth