Shouldn't Every Building Power Itself?

Now you may be saying, 'Sure Ryan, sounds like a great idea, but…."

But the technology isn't quite there yet. 
In the past decade, clean technology and building technology have come a long way. Between solar efficiency, battery storage, and advancements in building efficiency, much of the technology risk has been resolved, making it very technologically possible for buildings to generate significant portions of their own power.

But the transaction costs of installing commercial solar are astronomical.
That was a problem – until Sunwealth tackled this issue head-on, and developed a standardize, technology-enabled process to dramatically reduce the transaction costs of a commercial solar installation. Problem solved.

But the building isn't designed to power itself. 
The commercial building cannot accommodate enough solar panels, isn’t situated for enough optimal solar exposure, or simply requires too much power by the nature of the building’s purpose. Fair point. Perhaps at this moment, every building cannot completely power itself. But shouldn't we start demanding that every building generate as much renewable power as it reasonably can?

But there’s no need, the grid provides the power we need. 
That would be great, if the grid wasn’t a major contributor to carbon emissions, and carbon emissions weren’t causing global warming, and global warming wasn’t fueling climate change.  2016 was Earth’s hottest year on record, and the truth is that we are not de-carbonizing fast enough to preserve this precious planet. If that doesn’t get you, here’s a simple thought: with all the innovation around us, there is no reason every building should have a 100-mile power cord attaching it to the nearest power plant. Self-sufficient buildings open the door for us to re-imagine the power grid.

So where does that leave us? 
With an abundance of commercial roof space ready for solar installation! We can accelerate the transformation to a clean energy future, preserve this beautiful planet, invest locally, create jobs and reduce utility bills for companies big and small. The technology is ready. The market opportunity is palpable. We simply need to deploy sufficient investment capital the right way. Think safe and steady returns, not venture capital moonshots.

And that is where Sunwealth comes in. 
Through our solar impact funds and direct investment opportunities, Sunwealth is accelerating the flow of capital into the commercial solar market, providing meaningful returns for investors and the project financing to power the commercial solar market.

Shouldn't every building generate as much power as it reasonably can? Yes, and we're working hard every day to make that happen. Join us at

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