Rise of Sunwealth

A few years ago, PSM Clean Energy started with the simple notion that the commercial solar industry suffered from high transaction costs and a lack of transparency between projects and investors. The PSM team embarked upon an ambitious project to create an online platform and standardized process by which commercial solar projects could be easily and economically financed, allowing developers to build valuable projects and investors to generate high-quality returns. Two years and a series of successful projects later, the PSM platform has been validated.

But that is just the beginning. Today, PSM Clean Energy is changing its name to Sunwealth.

We accelerate forward as Sunwealth with two goals in mind. First, we want our name to clearly represent our aim: unleash the power of commercial solar by delivering meaningful returns and tangible impact to our community of investors. Second, the challenge of transforming our communities from a fossil fuel past to a clean energy future is more relevant than ever. We want to do more than just rise to that challenge.

We want to lead the effort to build healthy, resilient communities powered by clean energy.

What does this mean for our investors? It means more opportunities to invest in high-quality, high-impact projects that deliver meaningful returns.  

And for our community of developers, installers and solar manufacturers? It means more capital to unlock the tremendous value of all those commercial rooftops hidden in plain sight.    

The rise of Sunwealth marks a new chapter for our team, our investors, and the communities we serve, and we could not be more excited. Join us, and let’s make 2017 a powerful year!

Jon AbeSunwealth