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Consensus is growing – perhaps not as fast as we’d like – towards the necessity of a 100% clean energy future. If we are going to achieve that goal, then we must start by looking at the buildings and structures all around us.

The next time you’re outside, take a moment and LOOK UP! On our rooftops lie millions of idle power plants, waiting for rooftop solar installations, which could generate clean abundant renewable power right at the point where the power is being consumed.

The transformation of our existing buildings into prolific power producers is essential if we are to win the fight against climate change – and when done right, this transformation gives communities of all types the opportunity to participate in an inclusive clean energy future.

Our vision for an inclusive clean energy future is captured in our 2018 Impact Report. We’re delighted to share it with you.


The key to a rapidly accelerating transition to a clean energy future is the unification of three forces: people, private markets and comprehensive policy.

Some worry that comprehensive policy will never come. The Green New Deal Resolution has got a lot of people talking – including presidential candidates – but legislative action seems out of reach.

But robust federal policy exists right now to support solar in the form of the Investment Tax Credit, which has spawned Solar Tax Equity investing.  

Why wait for the Green New Deal?  We need to maximize the value and usage of the Investment Tax Credit now.  

Come join me on June 5th at Legal Issues in Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing at New York University School of Law, where I’ll be on a panel entitled “Why Wait for the Green New Deal?”  We will be exploring current legislation, policy, and strategies exist to can accomplish at least some of the Green New Deal goals, including the Investment Tax Credit!  You can register for the event here.



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Spring brings a busy construction season for our partners, who are skillfully building projects for the 2019 Solar Impact Fund.

Our local partner, ACE Solar of North Andover, MA, will install seven roof-mounted PV systems in partnership with The Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative. This will benefit participating municipalities, water/fire districts, counties and schools.

We are also working with Team Solar on the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post solar project in New Bedford. To date, Team Solar has helped over 14 veteran organizations go solar, and Sunwealth is proud to have financed a number of these projects.

Want to learn how you can invest in local projects like these? Email us at hello@sunwealth.com.

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Ryan Dings